Zero Waste to Landfill

We are proud to announce that this month we achieved our goal of zero waste entering landfill sites as part of our ISO14000 accreditation. We have already been recycling high percentages of our waste for the past two years but were finally able to achieve zero waste as a result of a strategic partnership with a specialist licensed waste contractor.

Our War on Waste

At Holly Lodge, our operations centre, we have made several steps towards achieving zero landfill by targeting waste reduction, segregation and monitoring the weight of disposed products.

After just nine months we are down to less than 3% landfill, approximately 24 tons per annum. All waste fruit is composted locally with wood, metal, plastic and card all being separated and recycled. To make a further reduction we will also use a waste-to-fuel solution available locally.

This project has given everyone on site the opportunity to make a contribution and has unearthed some very enthusiastic environmental champions.

With our internal projects underway, the focus will now be extended to the supply chain, where we believe there are many opportunities to enhance our environmental performance.

Ethical Trading Initiative

Greencell, as members of the ETI, is proud to announce that it has instigated an in house training programme for commercial staff to raise awareness in the essentials of ethical trade, the business case and the impact of purchasing practices. The aim is to provide participants with a practical understanding of the key issues and concepts in ethical trade and the essential building blocks of an ethical trade strategy. Part of the training will demonstrate, using case studies and examples, how to build ethical trade into everyday working. These training sessions will commence in November.

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define ethical trade
  • Identify the advantages of ethical trade and communicate those to different stakeholders
  • Recognise the contents of the ETI Base Code and some of the challenges in its implementation
  • Identify and compare the stages and actors in different supply chains
  • Identify different approaches to tackling workers’ conditions, with particular reference to purchasing practices

This further demonstrates Greencell’s commitment to the ETI Base Code and driving these principles throughout its supply base.

Dried Mango Business Growth

Westfalia Fruit Products (WFP) has established itself as the world’s biggest producer of healthy, high quality natural dried mango products, a supplier of choice to many major European supermarkets, traders and pre-packers.

Westfalia Fruit Products – our partner

The demand for WFP’s quality dried mango used to outstrip supply but in 2006 a strategy was implemented to increase the production capacity of the existing drying facilities. WFP sales increased at a rate of 26% per annum.

Although WFP is not the cheapest producer, this high quality dried mango is in demand and commands a price premium. WFP competes with other cheaper producers from South America and Africa in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Equador, Ghana and Ivory Cost. WFP exports approximately 43% of its sales volume per annum and the balance of 57% is sold locally.