New gourmet GEM® avocado to dazzle Tesco shoppers

Not content to rest on the laurels of its ‘superfruit’ moniker, the GEM® avocado has been introduced in the UK by multinational Westfalia Fruit to deliver even greater eating pleasure to avocado lovers.

Those shopping at select Tesco stores from today can, for a limited period only, get their hands on this premium, perfectly-ripened ‘gourmet’ avocado – easily recognised for its characteristic yellow lenticels or speckles on the dark skin of the ripe fruit.

Independent tasting panels have confirmed that British consumers love the smooth flesh of the GEM® with its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, and they enjoy its slightly sweet taste and subtle nutty aroma. Other great features include GEM®’s thicker skin, which allows the flesh to be easily scooped out with a spoon.

Destined to become the darling of chefs, domestic goddesses and foodie fanatics, the GEM® avocado delivers an outstanding eating experience while its versatility makes it ideal for use in recipes ranging from the ubiquitous avocado toast to exotic entrées, magnificent mains and the most delectable of creamy desserts.

GEM​® is currently farmed by an elite group of licensed growers throughout the world. The fruit is hand-picked to ensure it remains in optimal condition.

Head of Corporate Communications for Westfalia, Julia Tew, said:

“We’re extremely excited to be able to offer UK consumers this premium avocado, which will be on Tesco shelves for a limited period this month. We’re convinced that GEM® is going to become a household name for discerning avocado lovers and look forward to being able to deliver more of this gourmet fruit in the coming seasons.”

The GEM® packs are available from today until stocks run out.

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GEM avocados hanging on the tree.

A GEM planting in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.



Greencell has been working with our supply partners to achieve LEAF in all supply countries.

LEAF has promoted environmentally responsible farming since 1991. It helps farmers to produce high quality food with care and to high environmental standards. Wildlife areas are managed to provide natural habitat and food for wildlife. This, together with recycling, energy use, conservation and water efficiency are all priorities for LEAF. Pesticides and fertiliser applications are done in an integrated farm approach to limit use to when absolutely necessary.

This was restricted to growers in the UK until Waitrose became involved in implementing the scheme with their global supply base, this ensures Waitrose global suppliers are all working to the same standards. Westfalia in SOUTH AFRICA became the first farm outside of the UK to gain LEAF accreditation over 5 years ago. This year more of our international suppliers have followed their example with our supply partners in Chile, Israel and Peru having growers certified for Avocados. Our Italian Kiwi fruit has Leaf for 2010 and Chile should be certified for 2011.

We continue to work with our supplier to deliver high quality fruit sustainably and will continue to add growers to the LEAF marque to ensure they are all working to the highest environmental standards. More information on LEAF is available from www.

Zero Waste to Landfill

We are proud to announce that this month we achieved our goal of zero waste entering landfill sites as part of our ISO14000 accreditation. We have already been recycling high percentages of our waste for the past two years but were finally able to achieve zero waste as a result of a strategic partnership with a specialist licensed waste contractor.