Dried Mango Business Growth

Westfalia Fruit Products (WFP) has established itself as the world’s biggest producer of healthy, high quality natural dried mango products, a supplier of choice to many major European supermarkets, traders and pre-packers.

Westfalia Fruit Products – our partner

The demand for WFP’s quality dried mango used to outstrip supply but in 2006 a strategy was implemented to increase the production capacity of the existing drying facilities. WFP sales increased at a rate of 26% per annum.

Although WFP is not the cheapest producer, this high quality dried mango is in demand and commands a price premium. WFP competes with other cheaper producers from South America and Africa in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Equador, Ghana and Ivory Cost. WFP exports approximately 43% of its sales volume per annum and the balance of 57% is sold locally.

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