Environmental Policy

Environmental Management and Carbon Policy Statement



We all live in a world where climate change, competition for declining resources, environmental degradation and pollution are very real threats to the sustainability of the human race.  Every individual and organisation, however small can make a difference.  As our own impact stretches from primary production all over the globe to consumers in the UK, Greencell is totally committed to improving our environmental performance throughout the complete supply chain.


There is strong consensus within the scientific community that climate change is occurring and is caused by human activity.  Greencell is therefore taking steps to reduce its own carbon emissions.  Our aim is to ensure our environmental commitments become an integral part of our day to day activities, that we seek ways to continually improve our environmental performance and operate in a responsible manner including reducing waste, and making reductions in our carbon emissions. Greencell will ensure it operates within all environmental, legal and other requirements as imposed by UK/EU laws.


Greencell has attained ISO 14001 certification in environmental management systems, and Carbon Trust Accreditation. Greencell will maintain these accolades as a minimum standard for all present and future environmental/carbon reduction initiatives through this policy and associated procedures which control our environmental aspects.


The Senior Management Team retain responsibility for the Environmental Management System with routine operations controlled by the Environmental Manager. There is an ongoing commitment by all staff to continually improve environmental performance and to comply with relevant environmental legislation.



Environmental Objectives:

Greencell environmental objective is to manage all activities in a manner that is environmentally responsible and committed to the prevention of pollution, and to reduce our carbon footprint by achieving the following objectives.


  • Establish an environmental management system to the requirements of the ISO14001:2015 standards.
  • Seek to make measurable improvements in environmental performance year on year.
  • Promote the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices through Assured Produce, GLOBAL GAP and LEAF within our supply base.
  • Greencell will work in partnership with our clients and supply chain partners to assist them in achieving sustainable working environments and supporting their sustainability innovations.
  • Pursue efficient logistics strategies, product and personnel, to reduce food miles and to minimise the environmental impact of transportation.
  • Implement programmes to conserve resources through usage efficiency and waste minimisation.
  • Work with customers and suppliers to minimise excess packaging and promote the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials.
  • Reduce carbon emissions resulting from employee business travel.
  • Implement measures to prevent pollution and minimise emissions to the environment by our own operations.
  • Manage the disposal of unavoidable waste through the hierarchy of reduce, reuse, recycle and recover towards a zero land-fill target.
  • Adopt such procedures that are necessary to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.
  • Stimulate every employee to take responsibility through awareness and training at all levels.
  • Provide suitable training to enable employees to deal with their specific areas of environmental control.
  • Seek to be a ‘good neighbour’ and ensure that noise, nuisance, dust and site generated traffic movements are minimised.



Carbon Objectives:

Greencell aim is to continually reduce energy consumption, in particular electricity, oil and water, as well as the CO2 emissions affiliated with these resources, in a sustainable way and in compliance with legal requirements.

Greencell have implemented an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 which comprises the following points:

  • Senior Management and the Energy Team set and review EnPI on an annual basis taking into consideration the strategic direction of the Company.
  • Achieve long term reduction in our energy consumption by improving energy efficiency as a continual improvement process.
  • Set energy performance indicators and establish a clear reporting structure with defined responsibilities.
  • Monitor energy usage through accurate monthly consumption data
  • Regularly monitor our energy consumption and produce an annual report for the board.
  • Greencell shall comply with all applicable legal and other requirements related to energy management
  • Undertake internal audits to assess all aspects of our energy use and review our performance at regular intervals
  • We shall assess the availability of information and resources to meet our ( Long, Medium and short) objectives and targets
  • Seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint and GHG emissions generated by both our operations and complete product life cycle.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain
  • Optimisation of energy consumption at the production facilities to visualise energy waste with the aim of raising awareness among operating personnel
  • Communicate the energy used and improvement measures to all staff on a regular basis
  • We shall incorporate energy efficiency as a key component for new equipment, major renovation and new design.
  • Audit to ensure that personnel are familiar with and fully understand the Energy Management System (EnMS)

To ensure that we meet our stated objectives, Greencell has developed an environmental strategic plan for the business. This strategy provides a detailed schedule of actions and improvements that are designed to achieve the policy objectives.

Greencell will promote best practice in the protection of the environment and the wider community.




“The Environmental Management and Carbon Policy Statement” is communicated to all staff and is made available to the public. However we don’t communicate our significant environmental aspects to third parties. The Environmental Manager is responsible for responding to any external communications regarding environmental matters.

Measuring our Environmental Performance:

We will monitor and review our environmental performance against our environmental principles and commitments set out in this policy.


This policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.


Please download our policy here