Everything We Do

Everyone at Greencell is focused on thinking in terms of positive solutions. “Can do” is what we are all about…How can we do better…How can we drive change. We understand, more than most that things that can’t change can’t continue.

We listen to our customers and suppliers, giving us new ideas and creating new opportunities every day. We think in terms of challenges – not problems, communication is key; communicating the good, but also the bad and the ugly. We travel around the world to meet and learn. What we see and learn, we share with our customers, our team and with our suppliers to help them to understand what we see happening in the markets.

Fresh solutions, intelligent solutions – for fresh produce

Understanding our customer’s needs and our grower’s abilities is the first step to the solution. Identifying new and exciting ways and avenues. Once given a challenge we will not rest until the right solution is found. Fresh solutions, intelligent solutions – for fresh produce. The slogan we started of with in 2000 that we still believe in today.